2023 IMPEL Innovators 

BERKELEY WORKSHOP (December 9, 2022)

 Kishani de Silva

Chair, Construction Management, Woodbury University

Project: Concrete Futures: a thermally resistant greener concrete

Chao Ding

Project Scientist, Berkeley Lab

Project: Next generation low-cost high-efficiency low GWP room air conditioners/heat pumps

Ryan Antenucci

Founder and CEO, Coralite

Project: Coralite

Robert Mowris

Chief Technology Officer and Inventor, GreenFan Inc.

Project: Green Fan

Robert Benjamin

Founder and CEO, Aris Hydronics

Project: Aris Hydronics

Antony Keslinke

Founder and Project Developer, Veritel Energy LLC

Project: Veritel Energy

George Fincher

Co-Founder and Inventor, Energy Saving Partners

Project: ecWizard-E100

Kim Trenbath

Innovation Lead, Systems Technology R&D, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Project: ATLIS (Automatic Type and Location Identification System) for commercial building plug load management

Eliot Kahn

CEO, HumanKind Homes

Project: HumanKind Homes

Roshini Das

Co-Founder, Homss

Project: Homss

Ram Verma

Co-Founder, Homss

Project: Homss

Armelle Coutant

Co-Founder, Kit Switch

Project: Kit Switch

Jan Thoren

CEO, NanoArchitech

Project: NanoArchitech

Jon Pues

President, ViCa3 Ventures

Project: EcoSmart Construction Stud

Jean Lotus

Owner, Haepenny LLC

Project: Fire-resistant, hemp-based cladding

Davoud Zamani

CEO and Co-Founder, ALD Technical Solutions

Project: Composite WiRe Wrap

Adam Klaus

Minister of Clean Energy Retrofits, QuitCarbon

Project: QuitCarbon

Mahsa Nicknam

CEO and Co-Founder, Global Energy Credit

Project: Global Energy Credit

Gary Shamshoian

Principal Engineer, Integrated Building Design Engineering

Project: Uninterruptible Air Handling Unit (UAHU)

Benjamin Jenett

CEO and Founder, Metavoxel

Project: Discrete Cellular Building Systems

BOSTON WORKSHOP (January 20, 2023)

Jeremiah Miller

Sr. Tech Lead, Energy Services, Sense

Project: Sense SAVES - Sense building and grid energy insights provide Supervisory Analytics to Verify Energy Scenarios

Edie Dillman

CEO and Co-Founder, B.PUBLIC Prefab

Project: Scaling Local High-Performance Prefab for NetZero Construction

Nicholas Houchois

Founder, Hearth Labs

Project: Q Sense: thermal-LiDAR sensors for efficient, comfortable buildings

Tony Daniels

President, Cycle Retrotech

Project: Cycle Retrotech - a Turnkey Deep Energy Retrofit Company

Zoriana Demchuk

Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Lab

Project: Low-carbon, Recyclable, Biobased Foam Insulation

Nicholas Napp

Founder and CEO, Xmark Labs LLC

Project: Nosy™: a commercial building efficiency sensor specifically designed for retrofits

Bomee Jung

CEO, Cadence OneFIve

Project: Cadence OneFive's Momentum: SaaS for decarbonization retrofits in multifamily housing

Shawn Hutchinson

Founder and CEO, Univerasl Schedule and Booking LLC

Project: Demand-Response Models Needed to Reach CNZ Goals

Charlie Cottingham

CEO and Founder, Roble Technologies Inc.

Project: Roble Technologies Inc.

David Hertzberg

President, Dakota Energy Systems

Project: Micro Hydroelectric Power in Buildings

Thomas L. Hunter Jr.

CEo and Founder, Edenic Energy

Project: Project Management for Energy Efficient improvements for commercial buildings

Robert Cohen

Principal, Robert Cohen Architect LLC

Project: Passive Thermal Daylight Harvester (PTDH)

Diana Fisler

Entrepreneur in Residence, ADL Ventures

Project: EcoSnap

Judy Min

Product Manager, ecoLong

Project: Community Virtual Power Plant

Fred Green

HVAC and Refrigeration Technician (Owner), Specialty Services A2Z

Project: Specialty Services A2Z


Patricia McNeil

CEO, Sol-gel Solutions

Project: Transparent Thermal Insulation for Energy Efficient Windows

Edward Louie

Building Energy Efficiency Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Project: Easy to Deconstruct Nail Free Wall, Roof, and Floor Assembly Details for Residential Construction

Michael Petit

CEO, V-Glass Inc.

Project: Accelerating Market Entry of R-10 Windows

Manas Pathak

CEO and Co-Founder, EarthEn

Project: Energy Pod for flexible energy storage

Mustafa Homsi

Founder and CEO, Rivieh

Project: Rivieh Smart Building Automation Solution

Tom King

Founder and CTO, TK Fabricate

Project: HydroPod and Central System Pod

Eva Talbot

US Product Director, Modulous

Project: Valuing Decarbonization in Multi-Family Building

Shantonio Birch

Founder and CEO, ThermoVerse

Project: Augmented Space Heating & Cooling (TM)

Jhana Porter

Founder and CEO, frakktal

Project: Biobased PVC Alternatives for the Built Environment

Rob Briggs

Founder, NousVentus

Project: EathShells

Olanrewaju Tanimola

CEO and Founder, Nanoswitch

Project: Value-Added Negative Emission Building Technology (VANEBUILT)

Katy Hollbacher

Founder and CEO, Beyond Efficiency

Project: BuildingGenius: Making sustainable housing a no-brainer

Tracy Moore

C-Level Executive, Encell

Project: Advance nickel iron battery enabling safe energy storage with superior life cycle cost

Christopher Penn

Founder and President, Mr Hemp House

Project: Mr Hemp House - GaiaCrete®

Paul Mayencourt

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Berkeley

Project: Low carbon engineered wood products