2022 IMPEL Innovators 

DEMOCRATIZE TRACK (February 11 Workshop)

Derek Cowburn

CEO, Lumencache

Project: Lumencache

Emily Lamon

Graduate Student at UC Berkeley

Project: Carbon Offsets from Local Building Upgrades

Hanan Tufashiey

Master's Graduate at Ball State University

Project: The Bloom: Envelope to Mitigate Air & Water Pollution

Jacob Kumpon

COO, KLAW Industries

Project: Pantheon, Recycled Glass Cement Replacement

John Cockerill

Inventor & Founder, Exquisite Heat

Project: Real Time Energy Management

Judith Vidal

Building Energy Science Group Manager, NREL

Project: Stor4Build Thermal Energy Consortium

Mark Isaacs

CEO, GS Research

Project: Wonder Window

Michael Gibson


Project: Reuse and Recycle Municipal Solid Waste

Olugbemiga Olatidoye

Professor, Clark Atlanta University

Project: Virtual Thermal Analysis

Praveen Thallapally 

Senior Staff Scientist, PNNL

Project: Surface Acoustic Wave Detector for Refrigerant Leak Detection

Priya Thomas

Founder, Shower Stream

Project: Motion Activated Shower Sensors

Revi Sagee

Co-Founder, eampact

Project: Facilitation of Climate Resilient Homes

 Sara Sultan

Graduate Researcher, Oak Ridge National Lab

Project: Thermal Energy Storage for Demand Response in Buildings

Satpal Kaur

Founder & Design Principal at Satpalkaaur.com

Project: UnBoxed

Xuezheng Wang

Chief Engineer, Wellstat

Project: Building Control Platform Minimizing Infection

Yao Yu

Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University

Project: Lightweight Solar Thermal Collector

DIGITALIZE TRACK (January 21 Workshop)

Anand Krishnan Prakash

Senior Scientific Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Project: Scaling Drone-Based Audits and Envelope Retrofitting

Angela Cabrera

Founder and CEO, Alegna Technologies, Inc.

Project: AlegnaSense™ Concrete and Building Infrastructure Monitoring

Balaji Renukumar

Founder, sensfix

Project: AI-Driven Workflow Digitization and Automation Platform for Building Operations & Maintenance

Blake Dressel


Project: Source Improvements

Bruce Naylor

CEO, Unified Geometry

Project: Integrating Computer Vision with Computational Geometry Enhances Construction Productivity

Colin Dunn

CEO, Fend Incorporated

Project: Physical Cybersecurity: Safely Opening the Door to the Cloud for Connected Buildings

Courtney Blodgett

Director of Strategy, Edo

Project: Enabling Building-to-grid Integration Through Channel Partners

Doug Shortridge

BIM Innovation

Project: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Craft-Specific Assisting, Training, and Product Review System and Method

Eduardo Sastre

CEO, AirStat Inc.

Project: AirStat

Ehsan Kamel

Co-Founder, Energy Smart Buildings LLC

Project: Smart Electric Panel

Hao Li

Founder, Suphub

Project: Digitizing the Procurement of Energy Efficient Building Materials

Jose LaSalle

Founder & CEO, florrent

Project: florrent: Bio-Based Ultracapacitors

Ladan Ghobad

ENERlite Consulting, Inc.

Project: Automated Calibration Tool for Building Energy Models

Mark Ladd


Project: Improving Residential HVAC Efficiency by Right-sizing Equipment With Predictive Analytics

Peter Willette

Co-Founder & CDO at facil.ai Corp.

Project: : Low cost, Easy to install Tools to Maximize Occupant Comfort, and Minimize Energy Waste 

Samuel Fernandes

Program Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Project: Deployment of Drone-based Analytics for Identifying Equitable Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Buildings

DECARBONIZE TRACK (December 3 Workshop)

Audrey Worden

Co-Founder, Studio TJOA

Project: ThermalSwitch: Recladding America's Building Stock

David Goldstein

CEO, Hydronic Shell Technologies

Project: Hydronic Shell: A Comprehensive Deep Energy Retrofit Solution

Davoud Zamani

CEO & Co-Founder, ALD Technical Solutions

Project: Composite WiRe Wrap Technology to Renovate Grid Infrastructure

Grant Gunnison


Project: Data for Decarbonization

Jack Mason

President, Mason Energy & Management LLC.

Project: Energy Efficiency for 2 Million Small Commercial Buildings

Joshua English

Principal & Founder, okom wrks labs

Project: Regenerative SIP Wall

Lee Fang

President, LF Engineering, PLLC.

Project: Building Energy Conservation Through Weight-Based Occupancing Monitoring

Peter Grant

Senior Scientific Engineer, LBNL

Project: SmartRecirc: Near-Zero Energy/Waste Hot Water Distribution

Richard Fennelly

COO, CoilPod LLC.

Project: Commercial Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning

Steven Morgan

Co-Owner, Bolder Energy Engineers

Project: SapioHeat

Susan Gladwin

CEO & Founder, ClimateOnBoard

Project: ReadySetReplace

Tim Hoeffel

Owner, Better Painting & Coatings

Project: Solar-Blocking Cool Coatings

William Lear

Assoc. Professor Emeritus, University of Florida

Project: Advanced Semi-Closed Cycle CHP for Efficient Green Energy and Resilience