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Applications are currently closed.

Please check back for our next application period, opening Fall 2023.

Eligible applicants come from a variety of backgrounds

Please note that IMPEL is open only to U.S. residents.

IMPEL is changing in 2023. Hear what's new in our Webinar.

While millions of dollars are spent for R&D and small businesses for building and energy technologies, only a portion of these reach users and create value.

Learn how IMPEL can help you impel your buildings and energy innovation to market impact at the recorded webinar above. Hear straight from the organizations and people behind IMPEL, plus an exciting announcement about our new partnerships this year. 

Webinar slides are also available for download here.


IMPEL has a strong theory of change: support technological transformations for a zero carbon built infrastructure, that promotes equitable wellness and resilience for all. To this end, the program is based on the three tracks below. 


For projects and ideas that radically reduce emissions for a zero-carbon built environment

Reduce embodied carbon

Reduce operational carbon

Embrace radical circularity 


For projects and ideas that connect buildings, distributed energy resources, grid, and communities

Digitalize the building lifecycle

Building-to-grid load flexibility

Harness unique regional  contexts


For projects and ideas that provide equitable access to wellness in a resilient, living environment

Healthier environments 

Equitable Resilience 

Advance sustainable behaviors and capacity building

Rules for Participation: