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Applications to IMPEL are closed for the FY2024 cycle.

IMPEL is changing in 2024. Hear what's new in our upcoming webinar.

While millions of dollars are spent for R&D and small businesses for building and energy technologies, only a portion of these reach users and create value.

Learn how IMPEL can help you impel your buildings and energy innovation to market impact at our FY24 Informational Webinar Kickoff. Hear from IMPEL expert coaches, mentors, and alumni, learn about the new program modules and additional support coming in FY24, and find out more about how the IMPEL program can help you bring your building tech to market. 

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IMPEL Innovator criteria

IMPEL aims to select the best candidates for our program while paying consideration to:

We look for applicants across a diverse set of backgrounds:

IMPEL Eligibility requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, IMPEL Innovators are earlier stage (Technology Readiness Levels 3-6), pre-revenue entrepreneurs and researchers or professionals with pre-commercial technologies, or pre-market programs. However, others with great ideas are also encouraged to apply. This page answers Innovators' most frequently asked questions.

Who is eligible for IMPEL?

IMPEL offers unique pitch-training workshops to innovators working in the design, construction, and operations of buildings, or the building-to-grid space such as building-integrated renewables, electric vehicles, and energy storage. Eligible applicants include: 

What type of projects should I bring to the IMPEL Workshops?

What do I need to be ready for IMPEL?

First, knowledge and enthusiasm about your building technology or project. 

Second, a specific project you want to take to impact.  This is the “Why” of why you should participate.

Essentially, you the applicant can select a  project of your choice, for instance a tool (software)/ or technology (hardware)/patent to develop and refine your pitch about. The project that you propose is not restricted to BTO-funded projects – it may be funded by another entity, as long as the technology is in the buildings space. Additionally, the project may be at various technology readiness levels (TRL) such as an idea, or bench-tested material, beta-tested prototype, as long as it is at a point in its lifecycle that IMPEL could have a value to the innovator and a potential future application in industry.

You may also bring a policy or program idea you want to pitch to a decision-maker. 

What can I gain from the IMPEL program?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business, national lab, public sector or non-profit staff, if you have an idea for the design, construction or management of built environment and infrastructure, do apply to the IMPEL program. You will gain pitch training at the minimum, and also a network of high-quality innovators specifically in your domain area. High-performing innovators will also receive acceleration, incubation, nd pitching opportunities at wide exposure events.

 IMPEL is a three-tier program:

Public Sector Pipelines: Five IMPEL Innovators will be selected to pitch to public sector leaders at the IMPEL national showcases hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy and partner agencies.

Private Sector Pipelines: Five IMPEL Innovators will be selected to gain fully-funded access to national pitch events organized by IMPEL's  partner Incubator, Greentown Labs

See testimonials from Innovators who have been through the IMPEL program.

What will not be covered in the IMPEL workshops ?

The workshop will not cover how to write research grants, conduct R&D, or hone lab skills. The workshop will expect that participants have done some pre-work on roadmapping, identifying their target audience, etc. Information on pre-work will be provided.

Who are the coaches?

Read about IMPEL 2020-2021 Expert Coaches on the Team page. 

What does the workshop cost?

There is no fee to attend; the workshops are hosted by DOE BTO’s IMPEL  program. All you have to do is to arrange for your own time to attend that day and pre-review the Resource Toolkit materials.

Upon completing the one-day IMPEL workshop, selected Innovators are eligible for office hours with an expert coach to be used to refine their pitch presentation for the IMPEL Showcase Event at the BTO Peer Review.

How much work and time commitment is required?

Innovators should plan for one day of attending the workshop and any travel time. There will be minimal but mandatory pre-work expected to be 2-4 hours that entails reviewing recommended readings and videos. You can choose to spend more time on additional pre-work on your pitch prior to the workshop.