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Workshop Applications

Apply to become an IMPEL+ Innovator at one of our workshop locations:

Nov 15, 2019 at Berkeley, CA (applications due Oct 25, 2019)

Dec 6, 2019 at Washington DC (applications due Nov 22, 2019)

Feb 14, 2020 at Boston, MA (priority deadline is Feb 1, 2020)

March 10, 2020 at Golden, CO (applications due Feb 25, 2020, Feb 1 for non-U.S. citizens)


" The back-and-forth live coaching by the professionals was very rewarding because their knowledge and experience is so vast. Just a few words and insight from these coaches changed my perspective.”

- Benjamin Knopp, Building Science Consultant, JUMP 2016 winner

“As a scientist you are rarely encouraged to craft your message, so I really appreciated going through that difficult, challenging process today. ”

- Dr. Heather Goetsch, DOE Building Technologies Office

“The unique coaching addressed ‘emotion’ as the medium - what I feel, and convey to the audience. You start to understand that as technological as it could be, in the end you have to share ideas between people - it is a very human process! The workshop doesn't just give you technical skills but we are taught about the root of communication, and how to make the emotional process efficient - this really was world-class!”

- Antoine Gautier, Principal Scientific Engineering Associate, Berkeley Lab

"The IMPEL program definitely motivated me to advance my building technology for circadian-effective light for Alzheimer patients. The guidelines and key elements were super helpful to put my pitch together as a cohesive story.”

- Erik Page, President, Erik Page Associates, SBIR/STTR Awardee and Patent inventor

"We directly used our new IMPEL presentation to pitch to a large company - it helped simplify and clarify the 'Foresee' home energy management system message”

- Dr. Xin Jin, National Renewable Energy Lab, and Winner of R&D100 award

"I was surprised at the high relevance of the IMPEL program to buildings, unlike other tech-to-market programs”

- Robert Hart, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

" The IMPEL program was very useful. We discovered that our audience is not the building end user as we were thinking all along, but service providers, who could potentially invest in our idea.”

- Dr. Nora Wang, Pacific Northwest National Lab

"We were all like minded people sharing ideas on conserving energy, and reducing cost through building technologies. I felt inspired to integrate them into the net zero homes I build. I have participated in incubators, but never before experienced live-coaching - this was extremely beneficial. The workshop was amazing and the resources you provided were excellent.”

- Mohan Mahal, CEO, SIDCO Homes