2024 IMPEL Innovators 

BERKELEY WORKSHOP (October 19, 2023)

Lionel Thomas

CEO and Chief Appraiser, Thomas Appraisal Company

Project: PropTech for Sustainable Futures: A Green Real Estate Appraisal Model

Aditya Kanteti

Student Assistant, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Project: TRACE (Targeted Reduction & Carbon Estimation)

Kwan Kit Chong

CEO, BioTwin

Project: Plant-based and low carbon wall stud

Alexa Bednarz

CEO and Founder, Eco-Shelter

Project: A Non-Woven Bamboo-Based Strand Composite for Global Building Applications

Lars Huyghe

Inventor and Designer, Lars Electric

Project: Level Light (Intuitive Consumption Indicator)

Shankar Earni

Title, Researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Project: Joule Stream

Tim Sweeney

Founding Principal, Sweeney Architecture

Project: The Simplus Building System

Leila Banijamali

CEO, Symbium

Project: The Citizen's Dashboard

Sukhamrit Singh

Founder and CEO, AQUUA

Project: AQUUA

Liang Zhang

Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Project: AI-Enhanced Building Energy Management: Revolutionizing Human-Building Interaction with Large Language Models

Wilfredo Paz Bermudez

Co-Founder, CarbonI3ss Modular

Project: CarbonI3ss - Climate Resilient Modular

Aimee Bailey

Founder and CEO, Rock Rabbit

Project: Rock Rabbit: fast, easy and reliable access to incentives for green home upgrades

Sebastian Kuhn

Head of Product, Astrolabe Analytics

Project: Predictive Analytics for Batteries used in Distributed Energy Solutions

Taylor Vick

Founder and CEO, Counterbalance Software

Project: Green Stack Platform

Darius Roberts

CEO, Uplift Solar

Project: Safer Power System for Solar Canopy / Balustrades

Igor Zhadanovsky

President, AEC

Project: Steam vacuum heating systems: the overlooked benefits and exergy efficiency

Ginger Watkins

Founder, ORB Technologies

Project: A plant-based, loadbearing insulation that simplifies ultra-low-energy building construction

CHICAGO WORKSHOP (December 1, 2023)

Angela Cabrera

Founder and CEO, Alegna Technologies

Project: Holistic Approach to Building Automation, Early Warning Remote Predictive Maintenance, M2M, Energy Efficiency Code Compliance

Varnell Castor

Founder and CEO, Castor Energy

Project: Air to Electricity and Water Microgrid Using High Power Electromagnets (HPEM)

Jeff Soplop

CEO, Nimble Energy

Project: Nimble Energy Empower Platform for Modifying Building Operations and Energy Management

Jane Chen

Co-Founder and CEO, Stepwise Electric

Project: Stepwise: An alternative to costly electric service upgrades to enable smart home electrification

Tiffany Kim

Finance Associate, Assembly OSM

Project: 247 E 117 Street

Farzana Gandhi

Co-Founder and CEO, Collective Infrastructures

Project: Map My Concern

Marc McConnaughey

President and CEO, ThermaGEL Innovations

Project: Scaling High Performance Aerogel Insulation for Energy Efficient Buildings

Herbert Dwyer

CEO, Empower Equity (EMPEQ)

Project: Fast Site Survey

Ryan Li

CEO, ReVert Technologies

Project: ReVert Plug Load Management

Hanan Tufashiey


Project: Ecological Tower: Adaptive Building Envelope to Mitigate Anthropogenic Air and Water Pollution

Michele Putko

CEO, Clean Flame Thermal Solutions

Project: Clean Flame Heat Pump Fireplace

Kristeen Reynolds

CEO, GROWTH Development

Project: Hurricane Resistant Homes

Lina Gonzalez

Founder and CEO, SpadXTech

Project: Carbon Negative Thermal Insulation Materials

Greg Kiss

Founding Partner, Kiss-Architects

Project: Radiant Pavillion 25/3

Suman Sinha Ray

CEO and Co-Founder, Cabomba

Project: Making air filtration gentle and better for planet

Mohammad Javad Feizollahi

Lead Advanced Analytics Consultant, Enerytics

Project: AI-driven Decentralized Energy Management System

Igor Stavrulov

CEO and Co-Founder, Amatec

Project: Amatec

Rowan Bortz

Designer, Kiss Architects

Project: Radiant Pavilion 25/3