2019 IMPEL+ Innovators

IMPEL's History

2018 - 2019 was the very first year of IMPEL. Five Lab Innovation Teams were chosen and assembled from the ranks of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Lab family, and went through the 2018-2019 the IMPEL program.

IMPEL 2018-2019 had three objectives:

  • Develop a framework for industry mentorship to guide national lab researchers through an idea incubation process, such that their R&D efforts can be identified in impact areas where industry players find a gap.

  • Train researchers to communicate value to important non-technical audiences.

  • Grow long, sustained relationships between industry and national labs.

The IMPEL 2018-2019 program was designed to benefit to both lab teams and mentors.

  • The Lab Innovation Teams​ (LITs) were the core beneficiaries of the IMPEL program. They gained ongoing interaction with industry mentors, a deeper understanding of market considerations, exposure to expert webinars, access to building technologies-focused resource guides, and finally an opportunity to develop and present their value communication pitches at a final IMPEL Showcase Event to a wide audience.

  • IMPEL mentors gained a meaningful opportunity for exposure to the DOE and national lab network, as well as an access to LIT ideas. Mentors got to know about other areas/departments within the national labs. The IMPEL program encouraged mentors to share knowledge, which helped increase the mentor's sense of self-worth apart from strengthening the mentor's interpersonal relationship skills.

These five lab innovation teams took their concept from idea to pitch guided by industry mentors, at a final wide-exposure IMPEL Showcase Event in Washington DC. Teams also provided lessons learned for enhancing market driven research in building energy technologies.

For more information about IMPEL's first year:

2019 IMPEL+ Lab Innovation Teams

Team 1

Robert Hart, Howdy Goudey


Hi-R Windows

Team 2

Dane Christensen, Xin Jin



Team 3

Diana E. Hun, Tomonori Saito


Primer-Less Self Healing Sealant

Team 4

Nora (Na) Wang, Mark I. Borkum


Unique Building Identification

Team 5

Baptiste Ravache